Create an effective in-store plan that speeds up response time reduces wait lines, and ensures customer satisfaction

Most passengers that visit airport duty-free shops are either hurrying to meet a flight or heading home after an exhausting journey. These individuals do not have the time to stand in lines or make inquiries about products; all they want to do is walk in, make a purchase, and check-out without hassle or delays. Duty-free shoppers buy more items on average, and given the number of people that pass through airports, shops that provide quick and efficient services will gain a large customer base in no time.

People counting technology provides shop managers with traffic data and queue management solutions and helps them anticipate delays and deploys workers to clear outlines, even as they form. Historical data from these devices also help managers anticipate peak periods and provide extra workers during checkout in advance. Heatmap technology shows how customers move around in the store; this information can be used to predict shopping habits and optimize marketing campaigns.

Benefits of Visitor analytics to Duty-Free Shops

Queue Management

Time is of the essence for duty-free shoppers and quick services ensure a reduction in abandon rates. Que management helps reduce wait lines at checkouts and helps predict when to open up temporary stalls during peak periods.

Improve Store Design

Use heat map data to figure out areas with high activity, and design the store to make them more accessible. That way, shoppers find it easier to pick up items and checkout within minutes.

Peak Hours

Use historical data to anticipate periods of increased activity and prepare accordingly, e.g., increase the number of available workers, open up new checkout stalls, and restock your shelves.

Effective Marketing

Create marketing strategies to attract passers-by during periods of high footfall. Create in-store offers that leverage top-selling duty-free items, e.g., a discount on chocolates and perfumes.

New Business Opportunities

To attract new partners, use store traffic data to show visitor-to-customer conversion rates and heat map data to show the areas with the highest activities.